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Recent Sermons

Praise Our LORD

Date:12/08/2019Series:The Book of PsalmsBible text:Psalm 148
All of creation, heaven and earth, is called to praise the LORD, for He has exalted His name and raised a horn for His people.

Savior and Judge

Date:12/01/2019Series:2 PeterBible text:2 Peter 2:4-10
God has proven He knows how to rescue the righteous and punish the ungodly, reserving them for punishment for their unrighteous deeds.

Give Thanks to God

Date:11/28/2019Series:Thanksgiving DayBible text:Psalm 75

Beware of False Teachers

Date:11/24/2019Series:2 PeterBible text:2 Peter 2:1-3
False prophets and teachers will always be a part of the church, we must not follow their lies and share in their destruction.

Destroying the Division

Date:11/17/2019Series:Guest PreachersBible text:Ephesians 2:11-22

All the Earth, Come to Jesus!

Date:11/10/2019Series:Guest PreachersBible text:Matthew 8:5-17

A Different Kind of Kingdom

Date:11/03/2019Series:Guest PreachersBible text:Luke 4:14-44

Give God's Word Your Attention

Date:10/27/2019Series:2 PeterBible text:2 Peter 1:16-21
Peter declared his eyewitness account of Christ's glory and has a firm prophetic word, we would do well to listen to the word of God as to a light in a dark place.

It Is Good to Praise God

Date:10/20/2019Series:The Book of PsalmsBible text:Psalm 147
It is good to praise the LORD, for He cares for His creation and His people.

Live for Christ while You Can

Date:10/20/2019Series:2 PeterBible text:2 Peter 1:12-15
Peter is eager to remind the churches of the truth, as he anticipates his death, to stir them up in righteousness.