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Recent Sermons

The Righteous Will Give Thanks

Date:04/21/2019Series:The Book of PsalmsBible text:Psalm 140
The LORD will maintain the cause of the righteous and bring the plans of the wicked down on their own head.

Believe and Never Die

Date:04/21/2019Series:EasterBible text:John 11:21-27
Jesus is the resurrection and the life, all who believe in Him will never die.

Seek God's Sanctifying Work

Date:04/14/2019Series:The Book of PsalmsBible text:Psalm 139
The LORD is all-knowing, all-seeing, all-present, and exceedingly wonderful, may He slay His enemies and keep us in His truth.

Submissive Witnessing: Part 3

Date:04/14/2019Series:1 PeterBible text:1 Peter 3:1-6
Wives are called to seek God's concept of beauty through doing good, which includes humble submission to their own husbands.

For You and Your Children

Date:04/07/2019Series:SacramentsBible text:Acts 2:38-39
Peter calls those who heard him to repent and be baptized and reminds them the promises are for them and their children. *Our apologies for the quality of this recording. We are working on a new system to record our sermons.

All Will Give Thanks

Date:03/31/2019Series:The Book of PsalmsBible text:Psalm 138
Give thanks to the LORD for His steadfast love, for He is faithful to fulfill His word.

Submissive Witnessing: Part 2

Date:03/31/2019Series:1 PeterBible text:1 Peter 2:18-25
Christ is our example to follow in suffering, He is the Righteous Servant who suffered unjustly for us.

Submissive Witnessing: Part 1

Date:03/24/2019Series:1 PeterBible text:1 Peter 2:13-17
We are to honor all human authority by God's grace, for this is God's means of silencing the foolish.

Grieving In Exile

Date:03/17/2019Series:The Book of PsalmsBible text:Psalm 137
The psalmist grieves in his exile and asks God to repay Israel's captors.

Honorable Exiles

Date:03/17/2019Series:1 PeterBible text:1 Peter 2:11-12
In our sojourn, let our conduct be good and not evil so that when Jesus returns the nations will glorify God.