Worship the Shepherd King

Series: Studies in Matthew

  • May 06, 2012
    Morning worship
  • Pastor Ryan Hemphill
  • Matthew 2: 1-12


After Jesus was born Magi came to worship Him; Herod was troubled by their proclamation, so they returned home by another route.

Sermon Notes

Matthew 2:1-12 – Worship the Shepherd King

May 6, 2012

Pastor Ryan Hemphill


Theme: Jesus is the ___________ of Israel and deserves our _________, even as an infant.

I.     After Jesus was born in the days of _________, wise men came from the east (Matthew 2:1-2).






II.    Herod and Jerusalem are ____________ by the birth of the Shepherd King (Matthew 2:3-6).







III.  The wise men ___________ as they seek the Christ (Matthew 2:7-10).







IV. When they find the infant King they offer Him their ______________ (Matthew 2:11-12).